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  • Becoming a Voice Actor

    October 1, 2015 | News
  • Every voice artist is constantly bombarded with the question ‘How did you get into voice acting? I wanna be a Voice actor? How do I do it?’… Which is really 3 questions but they come out so fast it feels like one.

    I loathe answering this. Because who am I to tell you your path to a career. Mine is so unique to me that I’m positive no one will be able to do it the same way. I am also pretty sure that could be said for every voice actor. So, what do I tell you?
    Let me start off by saying that everything I type from this point on is coming from my beliefs that were formed based on my personal experiences. It doesn’t mean I’m right, or that what I say in any way would apply to you. It just means I’m a little stuck in a particular perspective due to these beliefs. And any or all my beliefs could change in an instant.

    I’m a Voice Actor because at the age of 3 I started acting. I have been acting so long, that I have explored every form of acting there is. When I was a kid it never mattered if I was paid or if I became a professional, I never really thought about it. I just knew I had to act. So much so, I created tons of stuff for me to act out. I re-enacted all my favorite movies. I made up skits, plays, sketches, movies, vaudeville acts etc….

    I have been acting so long that I know there is no mastery of the craft really. Only constant improvement and learning and experimenting. So when someone in their 20′s asks me how do they do what I do, the honest response in my head is always “you can’t” but that’s because I always assume, that if you are asking me, then you haven’t been working at it as long as I have.
    Not to say you have to, but of course I have an opinion on that based on my experience.

    So my opinion aside, to become a voice actor it takes many, many, many hours of practicing acting. That’s it. However you go about getting that practice is up to you. Classes, joining a theater, acting school, VO training, singing lessons. I can’t be the judge of what will get you there, but that’s what you have to do.
    Buying a ton of equipment will not book you work. Being in the union will not get you work. Knowing every successful voice actor on a personal basis will not get you work.
    Being an amazing actor WILL GET YOU WORK.

    So, don’t rush it. Don’t force it. Don’t get all crazy with it if you haven’t put in the hours of practice yet. If you are at the beginning or middle of your hours of practice then DO get together with other aspiring VA’s and practice even more! Do join voices.com or voices123.com and apply for the low paying non union VO jobs and get a little money while you practice.

    The Voice Over talent pool on this planet who are the top performers are AMAZING ACTORS. Mind blowingly brilliant. Please keep that in mind. This is your competition. If you are still in any way green, why would you join the union to compete directly with these people?

    Spend your time getting so good that the transition is effortless. When the time is right the Union will knock on your door. Let life happen naturally. Booking something before you are ready will only shorten your career. Voice over is a long term career if you go at it right.
    When I booked Ed, Edd and Eddy it was my first VO audition but I had been acting since I was 3. I mean ACTING. Millions of hours were spent honing my ability to create characters. Thousands of hours were spent on vocal classes and learning my instrument and that was even before I thought about doing VOICE acting. I was already using my entire body to create unique and wacky toon like characters. So all that preparation met with opportunity and EEnE happened for me. It wasn’t luck. It was preparation.
    That’s what I’m telling you to do. And think outside the box.

    THERE ARE A MYRIAD OF FACETS TO VOICE OVER. I only represent a smidgeon. You don’t have to book a series, or get on an popular shooting game to have a career. Have the courage to create your own path. Create your own work.

    All anybody really wants is to work on something they love with people they love. So be sure to include the people you love on your journey. Especially if they have a similar dream to you. Helping others manifest their dreams helps get your mind off of yourself and lets “LIFE” do what it does, which is plot for your ultimate good.

    It is so much easier when we get out of our own way. Ordinary things done consistently produce extra-ordinary results. So do your vocal warm-up daily. Learn the CRAFT of acting. Get inspired and create things that helps showcase someone else.
    This is all I have to offer. Take what you like and leave the rest.

    May the Blessings Be.  

    Erin Fitzgerald