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  • Erin Fitzgerald was born in Victoria, British Columbia. Her father, Dan Fitzgerald, being a Commander in the Canadian Navy meant she ended up living all over Canada by the time she was 16.  Her mother, Dawn Fitzgerald, was an RN who worked in psychiatrics and helped many people. 

    In other words, Erin is a helping “Ms. Bossypants” who loves poutine…  NAILED IT!

    Erin started exploring characters and acting as early as 3 years old, when she would perform for her best friend next door , Mrs. Proudfoot, who was 90 years old at the time.  Erin would perform entire films that she had seen on Sunday evening television for Mrs. P., who would sit patiently through each production with tea and cookies as though riveted!  What a nice lady...

    This only encouraged Erin to pursue performance everywhere she could, studying drama and theater in the smallest, most humble of towns in Canada with whomever would give her the chance.  She also studied dance with equal passion and was a competitive diver in Nepean, Ontario for a while as well. 

    While she attended the University of Victoria studying acting specialization with the Phoenix Theaters, she developed a passion for theater history (thanks to Barry Yzereef), sketch comedy (thanks to Tony Binns), and movement (thanks to KAZ).  Theater was her passion with her back-up being stage management if it turned out she couldn't book work outside of school. 

    Once she graduated, she moved to the “Big City” of Vancouver, where she joined a small theater group who did radio plays (... hmmmm foreshadowing... ) and began her television and film career.  There was a strange period of time where Erin booked a lot of beer commercials, which is funny because she can't stand the taste of beer!

    After a few years doing bit parts in TV and film, she learned it wasn't as satisfying as theater with all the waiting around and no real collaboration on performance unless it was a bigger role.  Luckily, her roommate, Tobias, invited her to a loop group session for Outer Limits where she met her people!  The actors there, who are now referred to as “voice actors”, opened her to a whole new world of improvisation for the background of TV and film, where she could be as many characters as she wanted and create her own dialogue, working in looping in Vancouver for 6 years.

    During that process, her good friends, Michael Dobson and Brian Dobson, literally launched her into a whole new world of acting… CARTOONS!!!! Her first animation job ended up being mighty epic:  after a 6 month callback process, she landed the role of May Kanker on a new show called Ed, Edd Eddy, which aired on this strange little channel in the U.S. called Cartoon Network.

    From there, Erin booked cartoons like Sabrina, The Animated SeriesFat Dog MendozaDragon TalesRainbow Fish, and many more. Then, at the height of her career in Vancouver... she met a man who would change her life forever.  This would be the man that she would fall in love with, and when he decided to move to Los Angeles, he did everything he could to convince her to come with him to the United States, and so, she did. 

    Moving to L.A. at the peak of one's career for one's career makes perfect sense.  Erin, however, did not do that, instead walking away from it all because she was embarrassed to call herself an actor in L.A.  

    Luckily, the Universe, seeing the ridiculousness of this terrible mindset and thinking, intervened and pushed her out of her fearful place of hiding and thrust her right back into the spotlight again and again.  It was through some of these amazing “coincidences” that she even has a career today.  She never felt “good enough” to compete with the talent in L.A., but with time and the courage to “just show up”, not to mention with the help of amazing humans like Margaret Tang, Andrea Romano, and Sue Blu (who probably don't even remember), she would combine her experiences and newfound confidence to push forward beyond her comfort zone and into “Life” where the Universe had been waiting for her.

    Today, Erin performs for cartoons, video games, anime and stage in Los Angeles, California.  Being a professional actor since 1995, it still amazes her that she pays her rent from acting because not everybody does or is able to do so, and there are still months where she doesn't think she will!!  

    If Erin had a mission statement, it would be the following:

    "I dedicate my life to creating characters I love, with people I love, for an audience to love, and to help anyone I love achieve their creative dreams by supporting them in anyway I can."