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    March 19, 2017 | News
  • Wow!  2017 sure is chock a block filled with game releases Erin is proud to be a part of.


    Erin is proud of her role as the playable female Berserker in this amazing new game.  The graphics and fighting are spectacular but it’s the badass female characters in this game that is so progressive in the effort redefining the role of female characters and Erin is so grateful to represent such a well designed character.

    P5 aka Persona 5

    Even though Erin’s P4 character Chie Satonaka does not return for series 5, PCB productions along with Atlus USA brought her back for the role of Wakaba Isshiki and Lady Demon in this latest Shin Megami Tensei game. She is also heard throughout the game as multiple additional smaller characters as well.  It’s like a ‘where’s waldo’ hunt!


    Nier Automata

    Erin was blessed to play a couple of Bosses in this game.  First the insane and operatic Beauvoir.  Note Erin did all her own singing for this role! LOL!  and the Spider Boss.


    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Erin plays both Sanaki and Olwen in this latest Fire Emblem release.


    Erin is proud to be a part of this game, no matter how hard it is to find her characters in the village of Meridian and Carja.  She played a few boys and girls and some Adult women throughout this game.

    and even though it came out in 2016, we never announced it so let’s throw it in.

    Final Fantasy XV

    As with HZD  it is a serious side quest to go about this game and find all the characters Erin plays.  Players have found her selling wares, being kids, reporters, salty human types, wanderers, seekers and so on.


    Even when Erin is playing 2nd spear chucker to the left she is happy to be in the booth and getting to be a small piece of amazing video game history.