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  • The HU Song

  • Anyone who knows me knows I have this tattoo on my left shoulder.   It is the HU.  An ancient name for the Divine Creator found in almost every religion, all over the planet.  I am an ECKist which is someone who is a member of ECKANKAR but you don't have to belong to a particular religion to sing the HU.  I have been singing it in contemplation or throughout the day for the last 20 years.  For me, it opens my heart to give and receive more Divine Love in my day.

    The best description I have ever seen for it comes from a book called The Seeker by Phil Morimitsu.  It reads " Herein lies the sacredness of ITS name.  If you cared deeply for another wold you utter the words I love you in a monotonous, chanting manner as is done in many of the gompas? No? Then so it is with singing HU.  HU is a love song to the ONe who encompasses all that you love, have ever loved, or will ever love in life.  HU is a love song to the Creator of love itself." 

    Here is 5 minutes of Thousands of people singing HU together.  If you are moved to join them do.